Black Horse 4th VA

WhiteMyth Stables is home to a few members of the Black Horse Cavalry (Their website)

These are some pictures from an outing when Larry the Cable Guy wanted to try his hand at civil war reenacting.

4 thoughts on “Black Horse 4th VA”

  1. Black Horse…..thanks for the invite and the great time. Dan was a hoot and filming was fun (normally a pain in the rear). My favorite moment was when we were talking about our ancestors and Larry the Cable Guy says “oh yeah, I had an ancestor in the war name of “Larry the Telegraph Guy”…now that’s funny right there! I think he did a smashing good job of riding with the Cav, he did much better than most of the newbies I’ve seen in this hobby…thanks again to Black Horse for a great and fun time…..S.B. Dunn.

  2. Great pictures, Kristy Willwerth sent me your link. My Great Great Grandfather fought in the First Birgade. I cannot waite to see you guys on the History Channel! Great Work!

  3. There were a couple of good ones but unfortunately, none of moi.
    At least there is one of Lucky in the background.
    Dead Eye

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